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Diablo 2 "Le Royaume де Ombres 5.02"

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Мод собравший смесь лута из игр: Diablo 3, Path of Exile, Titan Quest.
Переделаны полностью: навыки героев, загрузочные экраны, задания, города и локации, игровой баланс.

Локализация на на французском, китайском, английском языках.


UI * Play in 1024x768 or 1200x768. * UI is now totally new in game as in the menus. * More stats are showed in the stat screen. * Inventory, horadric cube and many other places are now bigger. * Mod use plugy. * Hireling now can equip gloves, boots, amulet, an hireling only item and 1 artefact (see below) * Life and mana value are always shown on orbs. * button removed from main menu. * You can play via Hamachi using the Multijoueur/Multiplayer button on the main menu. * Character creation have been modified. * Every items have a new inventory picture. * Monster life bar is now green and should be more visible. * Credits can be seen by clicking on the 'Credits' button on the main menu. Sounds * New sounds are added for many things. * New musics are also added. Items * New colors are now used to help you to know what items are used for : - White for normal items - Gray for item with sockets - Blue for magic items - Yellow for rare items - Green for set items - Gold for unique items - Purple for quest items and very rare legendary items - Red for potions - Orange for items than can be socketed into others (such as runes and gems) - Light green for crafting materials - Light brown for orbs - Crystal blue for mystic formulas (See bellow) - Pink for Scrolls (See bellow) * 120 new runewords have been added. * Magic properties are now in light brown. * Items comme with greens stats that depend of the item suffix. Theses stats are on all weapons and armors, of any quality. * Low items are removed from the game. * New armors are avaible (Remplace old ones) : Helms, Torso armors, Gloves, Pants, Boots and Shields. - They exist in 3 different type of material per difficulty. Some are dedicased to hand to hand, ranged combat or magic combat. Requirements are based on one of the 3 paths you can choose. (See bellow) * New weapons avaibles (Remplace old ones) : Crossbows, Bows, Spears, One and two handed axes, One and two handed swords, One and two handed maces, Daggers, Staffs and Wands. - They exist in 3 different type of material per difficulty. Requirements are based on one of the 3 paths you can choose. (See bellow) * New class-only items. * New hireling only items. * Many items can be socketed like amulets, gloves, pants and boots. * New socketables items : relics and charms. Combine thems to upgrade their power. Up to 5 pieces of the same charm and 3 pieces of the same relic can be combined. Relics and charms get an additionnal bonus (or the bonus they give is improved) when fully completed. There is 26 charms and 32 relics per difficulty. Charms drops based on the monster you killed and relics drop based on the act you'r in. * There is now 20 runes per difficulty level. They have all the same rarity, but some only drop in a specific act. * Gems have increased powers. Skulls have been removed, and Onyx added. There is now 14 leves of rarity for gems. * Added news scrolls that add temporary bonus to you and all allies near you. There is 9 that exist for each difficulty level with 3 levels of power. Others 16 are avaible depending of the difficulty level you'r playing in. They can be brought to a specific NPC or looted from containers (Not from monsters). * New item type : artefacts. They can't be looted or buy, but are created with relics and charms with a mystic formula. You can equip 1 maximum at one time. There is 3 types of artefacts : Lesser, Greater and Divine. Strongest artefacts can give you some uniques skills or auras. * Added dyes to color your stuff. They can be brought or looted. * New runes only useable in amulets allow you to boost a specific skill (or learn it if you do not have it). There is one rune type per class. * Added a new scroll that allow you to open your stash whenewer you are. * Added two news scrolls allowing you to reset your stats and your skills. * New crafting materials are added. Use them to crafts powerfull weapons, gems, jewels and potions. Crafting an item increase the coresponding skill (Smith, jevellery or alchimy) displayed on stat screen. (See bellow for more) * Orbs added. They allow you to renforce an item, add sockets to it or even reroll the mods in the item. There is also other usages. * You can now bug glyphs to upgrade your armors and sigils to upgrade your weapons. * Superunique monsters can drop their soul. You can use this soul to get unique items. * Life and mana potions now give a percentage of your life or mana back. There is 5 type of potions for each. All can be found till the beginning of the game, but best ones drop more often later. * Magic prefixes and suffixes are not dispayed anymore. * Rare items names are not displayed anymore. * Prefixes and suffixes are based on your level. They don't need any level requirement. * Town portal books can have up to 25 scrolls. * Items are already identified when they drop. Playability * 7 new class with new skills and some old skills they did not have before. * Max level is 75. * Player start with a weapon adapted to his character, as well as an starting armor. * Player start with 500 gold pieces. * Player gain 10 stat points per level up. * Player gain form 2 to 5 skill points per level up, depending of his level. * 4 news stats can be increased with your stat points : Vitality (increase life by 2 per point), Intelligence (Increase mana by 2 per point), Wisdom (Increase fame you get by killing monster by 1% per point) and Might (Increase damage of all your skill (and minions) by 1% per point). * There is no experience penality at hight levels. * Drop system completely redone from scratch. Now monster drop items related to the level they are. It's also impossible to drop anything from other difficulty levels. * Players now earn fame when they kill monsters. The higer level the monster is, the more fame you got. Champions and boss monsters reward more fame.. * Completely new shrine system, including super powerfull shrines and cursed ones Crafting system * Players can craft their own items using plans they can brought. * It is possible to craft socketed items (with max amount of sockets), magic items and rare items. * Every crafted items can have 2 choosed magic properties. * Using salvage kits, you can get ingredient needed to craft others items. Some loot, others have to be salvaged. * It is possible to craft jewels that have the properties of 3 gems combined. Jewels crafted this way can be socketed in any item that have sockets. Skills * Each class have acces to 2 masteries and 4 tree of specialities. * Each mastery is composed of the mastery itself (a passive skill that improve character stats), 17 active skills and 17 upgrade skills (skill that upgrade active skills). * Increasing a mastery unlock more skills in that mastery and improve all skills of that mastery. Increasing a mastery cost more skill point at hight level. Maximum level of a mastery is 30. * Maximum level of active skills is 20, and for upgrade skills it's 10. * Increasing specialities cost fame. You can chose one of the 4 trees composed of 10 skills each. * Each specialities tree is bound to a path skill. The level of this skill will determine the weapons and armors you can equip. Increasing this skill cost fame, but less than increasing others related specialities. * There is no level required to learn any skill. * Fame is dispayed on the stamina bar. Max fame is determined by your level. World * Every maps are news. There is many variation of every maps with the exeption of towns. * There is now more than 1 town per act. * Waypoints are always in towns or in safe maps (no monsters). * When you leave the game, you start back in the town linked to the area you where in, and not in the very first town. The same applies whith town portals. Monsters * Every monsters have now powers. At the beggining of the game, monsters have only 1 power, but as the game go, they will get more. * Every monsters have now resistances. At the beggining of the game, monsters do not have any, but as the game go, they will get more. In normal mode, resistance equal to 30%, in epic mode, it equal to 60% and in Legendary mode, it's 90%. As such, there is no immunity anymore. * Monsters powers and resistances are always shown under monster life bar. * The more the game goes, the more different monsters you can meet on a same area. * New monster rank : Veteran. Veterans are more powerfull versions on normal monsters but they are more rare. * New monster rank : Elite. Elites are more powerfull versions on champions monsters. Others * When playing in windowed mode, the window dosen't reduce itself if you click out of the window.


-Желательно ОС Windows 7 и выше, т.к у меня при запуске на ранних версиях выдает ошибку в kernel.dll

-Diablo 2 LOD любая версия, исключение 1.13d, с установленным D2SE 2.2.0

-Содержимое архива распаковать в папку "MODS"

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