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+ Strength
  Available on
Strength +1-2 to Strength Amulets(1), Belts(1), Circlets(1), Clubs(1), Hammers(1), Body Armor(5), Maces(5), Rings(1-4)[1](5)[1-2], Scepters(5), Gloves(1-11)[1](12)[1-2], Melee Weapons(12), Shields(12)
Might +3-5 to Strength Amulets(10), Belts(10), Circlets(10), Clubs(10), Hammers(10), Body Armor(21), Maces(21), Rings(21), Scepters(21), Gloves(33), Melee Weapons(33), Shields(33)
Ox +6-9 to Strength Amulets(26), Belts(26), Circlets(26), Clubs(26), Hammers(26), Body Armor(38), Maces(38), Rings(38), Scepters(38), Gloves(45), Melee Weapons(45), Shields(45)
Giant +10-15 to Strength Amulets(42), Belts(42), Circlets(42), Clubs(42), Hammers(42) Body Armor(55), Maces(55), Rings(55), Scepters(55) Gloves(59), Melee Weapons(59),
Titan +16-20 to Strength Amulets(58), Belts(58), Circlets(58), Clubs(58), Hammers(58) Body Armor(74), Maces(74), Rings(74), Scepters(74)
Atlas +21-30 to Strength Amulets(71), Belts(71), Circlets(71), Clubs(71), Hammers(71)


+ Dexterity
(Precision for Body Armor(60) and Boots(60) can only spawn on Magical versions of these items)
  Available on
Dexterity +1-3 to Dexterity Amulets(2)[1-2], Bows(2)[1-2], Circlets(2)[1-2], Crossbows(2)[1-2], Gloves(1-12)[1](6)[1-2], Rings(1-5)[1](6)[1-2], Body Armor(13)[2-3], Boots(1-12)[1](13)[2-3]
Skill +3-5 to Dexterity Amulets(11)[3-5], Bows(11)[3-5], Circlets(11)[3-5], Crossbows(11)[3-5], Gloves(22)[3-5], Rings(22)[3-5], Body Armor(34)[4-5], Boots(34)[4-5]
Accuracy +6-9 to Dexterity Amulets(27), Bows(27), Circlets(27), Crossbows(27), Gloves(39), Rings(39), Body Armor(46), Boots(46)
Precision +10-15 to Dexterity Amulets(43), Bows(43), Circlets(43), Crossbows(43), Gloves(56), Rings(56), Body Armor(60), Boots(60)
Perfection +16-20 to Dexterity Amulets(59), Bows(59), Circlets(59), Crossbows(59), Gloves(75), Rings(75)
Nirvana +21-30 to Dexterity Amulets(72), Bows(72), Circlets(72), Crossbows(72)
+ Energy
  Available on
Energy +1-3 to Energy Amulets(1-4)[1](1)[1-3], Circlets(1-4)[1](1)[1-3], Orbs(1-4)[1](1)[1-3], Staves(1-4)[1](1)[1-3], Wands(1-4)[1](1)[1-3], Helms(1-4)[1](4)[1-3], Scepters(4)[1-3], Rings(1-4)[1](7)[1-3]
Mind +4-6 to Energy Amulets(7), Circlets(7), Orbs(7), Staves(7), Wands(7), Helms(10), Scepters(10), Rings(13)
Brilliance +7-10 to Energy Amulets(13), Circlets(13), Orbs(13), Staves(13), Wands(13), Helms(16), Scepters(16), Rings(21)
Sorcery +11-15 to Energy Amulets(21), Circlets(21), Orbs(21), Staves(21), Wands(21), Helms(26), Scepters(26), Rings(31)
Wizardry +16-20 to Energy Amulets(31), Circlets(31), Orbs(31), Staves(31), Wands(31), Rings(41)
Enlightenment +21-30 to Energy Amulets(41), Circlets(41), Orbs(41), Staves(41), Wands(41)
+ Life
  Available on
Jackal +1-5 to Life Amulets(1), Barb Helms(1), Belts(1), Body Armor(1), Circlets(1), Druid Pelts(4), Shields(4), Clubs(8), Hammers(8), Helms(8), Maces(8), Rings(8)
Fox +6-10 to Life Amulets(7), Barb Helms(7), Belts(7), Body Armor(7), Circlets(7), Dru Pelts(11), Shields(11), Clubs(17), Hammers(17), Helms(17), Maces(17), Rings(17)
Wolf +11-20 to Life Amulets(15), Barb Helms(15), Belts(15), Body Armor(15), Circlets(15), Dru Pelts(27), Shields(27), Clubs(34), Hammers(34), Helms(34), Maces(34), Rings(34)
Tiger +21-30 to Life Amulets(20), Barb Helms(20), Belts(20), Body Armor(20), Circlets(20), Dru Pelts(43), Shields(43), Clubs(51), Hammers(51), Helms(51), Maces(51), Rings(51)
Mammoth +31-40 to Life Amulets(25), Body Armor(25), Belts(25), Barb Helms(25), Circlets(25), Dru Pelts(59), Shields(59), Clubs(68), Hammers(68), Helms(68), Maces(68), Rings(68)
Colossus +41-60 to Life Amulets(30), Barb Helms(30), Belts(30), Body Armor(30), Circlets(30), Dru Pelts(75), Shields(75)
Squid +61-80 to Life Amulets(40), Barb Helms(40), Belts(40), Body Armor(40), Circlets(40)
Whale +81-100 to Life Amulets(50), Barb Helms(50), Belts(50) Body Armor(50), Circlets(50)
+ Light Radius
  Available on
Light +1 to Light Radius, +15 To Attack Rating Amulets(1-5)[+10 AR](6)[15], Body Armor(6)[15], Rings(1-5)[+10 AR](6)[15], Rods(6)[15]
Radiance +3 to Light Radius, +30 To Attack Rating Amulets(15), Bows(15), Crossbows(15), Helms(15), Rings(15), Rods(15)
Sun +5 to Light Radius, +5% Bonus To Attack Rating Amulets(17), Bows(17), Crossbows(17), Gloves(17), Helms(17), Rings(17), Rods(17)
+ Minimum Damage
(will not spawn on Wands, Staves, and Orbs)
  Available on
Worth +1-3 to Minimum Damage Weapons(1)[1-2], Amulets(15)[2-3], Circlets(15)[2-3], Rings(15)[2-3]
Measure +3-5 to Minimum Damage Weapons(12)[3-4], Amulets(37)[4-5], Rings(37)[4-5], Circlets(37)[4-5]
Excellence +5-9 to Minimum Damage Weapons(24)[5-8], Amulets(59)[6-9], Circlets(59)[6-9], Rings(59)[6-9]
Performance +9-14 to Minimum Damage Weapons(48)[9-14], Rings(81)[10-13], Amulets(81)[10-13], Circlets(81)[10-13]
Transcendence +15-20 to Minimum Damage Weapons(76)
+ Maximum Damage
(will not spawn on Wands, Staves, and Orbs)
  Available on
Craftsmanship +1-5 to Maximum Damage Amulets(1)[1], Circlets(1-7)[1-2](8-14)[2-3](15)[4-5], Rings(1)[1], Weapons(1)[1]
Quality +2-8 to Maximum Damage Weapons(4)[2] Circlets(23-29)[6-7](30)[7-8]
Maiming +3-12 to Maximum Damage Weapons(7)[3-4], Amulets(42)[3-4], Circlets(37-44)[9-10](45)[11-12], Rings(42)[3-4], Shields(42)[3-4]
Slaying +5-7 to Maximum Damage Weapons(11)
Gore +8-10 to Maximum Damage Weapons(14)
Carnage +11-14 to Maximum Damage Weapons(19)
Slaughter +15-20 to Maximum Damage Weapons(25)
Butchery +21-40 to Maximum Damage Weapons(35)
Evisceration +41-63 to Maximum Damage Weapons(45)
+ Fire Damage
  Available on
Flame Adds 1 Minimum and 2-6 Maximum Fire Damage Weapons(1-3)[2 max](4)[1-(2-5 max)], Amulets(40)[2-6 max], Gloves(40)[2-6 max], Rings(40)[2-6 max]
Fire Adds 1-4 Minimum and 6-11 Maximum Fire Damage Weapons(15)
Burning Adds 5-9 Minimum and 10-20 Maximum Fire Damage Weapons(25)
Incineration Adds 10-20 Minimum and 21-75 Maximum Fire Damage Melee Weapons(43)
+ Cold Damage
  Available on
Frost Adds 1 Minimum and 1-2 Maximum Cold Damage - 1-2 sec Duration Weapons(1-3)[1 max, 1 second](4)[1-2 max, 2 seconds] Amulets(55)[3-6 max, 2 seconds], Belts(55)[3-6 max, 2 seconds]
Icicle Adds 1 Minimum and 3-4 Maximum Cold Damage - 3 sec Duration Weapons(13)
Glacier Adds 2-4 Minimum and 4-15 Maximum Cold Damage - 4 sec Duration Weapons(27)
Winter Adds 5-9 Minimum and 16-50 Maximum Cold Damage - 5 sec Duration Melee Weapons(45)
+ Lightning Damage
  Available on
Shock Adds 1 Minimum and 6-23 Maximum Lightning Damage Weapons(1-3)[3 max](4)[6-8 max], Amulets(50)[11-23 max], Boots(50)[11-23 max], Rings(50)[11-23 max]
Lightning Adds 1 Minimum and 9-16 Maximum Lightning Damage Weapons(15)
Thunder Adds 1 Minimum and 17-40 Maximum Lightning Damage Weapons(25)
Storms Adds 1-6 Minimum and 41-120 Maximum Lightning Damage Melee Weapons(34)
+ Poison Damage
  Available on
Blight Adds 1-50 Poison Damage over 2-3 Seconds (Ring/Amu)/
Adds 7 Poison Damage over 3 seconds (Weapons/Circlets)
Circlets(5)[7 over 3 sec], Weapons(1-4)[1 over 2 sec](5)[7 over 3 sec], Amulets(45)[50 over 3 sec], Rings(45)[50 over 3 sec]
Venom Adds 21 Poison Damage over 4 Seconds Circlets(15), Weapons(15)
Pestilence Adds 50 Poison Damage over 5 Seconds Circlets(25), Weapons(25)
Anthrax Adds 100 Poison Damage over 6 Seconds Weapons(33)
Poison Length Reduction
  Available on
Remedy Poison Length Reduced by 25% Amulets(7), Armor(7), Circlets(7), Rings(7)
Amelioration Poison Length Reduced by 50% Amulets(18), Body Armor(18), Circlets(18), Shields(18)
Defiance Poison Length Reduced by 75% Amulets(25), Body Armor(25), Circlets(25), Shields(25)
+ Life Stolen
  Available on
Leech 2-5% Life Stolen Per Hit Weapons(6)[4-5%], Circlets(14)[3-4%], Rings(14)[3-5%] Amulets(24)[2-3%] Gloves(34)[3%]
Locust 4-7% Life Stolen Per Hit Melee Weapons(20)[6-7%], Circlets(47)[5-6%], Amulets(57)[4-5%] Rings(47)[5-6%]
Lamprey 6-9% Life Stolen Per Hit Melee Weapons(55)[8-9%], Circlets(77)[7-8%], Amulets(85)[6%] Rings(77)[7-8%]
+ Mana Stolen
  Available on
Bat 2-5% Mana Stolen Per Hit Weapons(7)[4-5%], Amulets(15)[3-4%], Circlets(15)[3-4%] Gloves(35)[3%] Rings(25)[2-3%],
Wraith 4-7% Mana Stolen Per Hit Melee Weapons(21)[6-7%], Amulets(58)[5-6%], Circlets(58)[5-6%] Rings(58)[4-5%],
Vampire 6-9% Mana Stolen Per Hit Melee Weapons(56)[8-9%], Amulets(78)[7-8%], Circlets(78)[7-8%], Rings(86)[6%],
+ Life Regeneration
  Available on
Regeneration Replenish Life +3-5 Amulets(1-9)[2](10)[3-5], Belts(10)[3-5], Circlets(1-9)[2](10)[3-5], Rings(10)[3-5], Scepters(10)[3-5], Gloves(40)[3-5], Shields(40)[3-5], Body Armor(70)[3-5], Weapons(70)[3-5], Boots(70)[3-5]
Regrowth Replenish Life +6-10 Amulets(17)[6-10], Circlets(17)[6-10], Scepters(17)[6-10], Belts(55)[6-9], Rings(55)[6-9]
Revivification Replenish Life +11-15 Amulets(38), Scepters(38), Circlets(38)
+ Weapon Speeds
  Available on
Readiness 10% Attack Speed Increase Weapons(5), Gloves(20)
Alacrity 20% Attack Speed Increase Weapons(25), Gloves(43)
Swiftness 30% Attack Speed Increase Melee Weapons(34)
Quickness 40% Attack Speed Increase Melee Weapons(46)
+ Chance to Block
  Available on
Blocking +10% Increased Blocking, 15% Faster Block Rate Shields(1)
Deflecting +20% Increased Blocking, 30% Faster Block Rate Shields(11)
Faster Hit Recovery
  Available on
Balance 10% Faster Hit Recovery Armor(5)
Equilibrium 17% Faster Hit Recovery Belts(9), Body Armor(9), Shields(9)
Stability 24% Faster Hit Recovery Body Armor(18), Belts(18)
Damage Reduction  
  Effect Available on
Health Damage Reduced by 1 Amulets(7), Body Armor(7), Circlets(7) Rings(7), Shields(7),
Protection Damage Reduced by 2 Amulets(18), Circlets(18)(24), Rings(18), Body Armor(24), Shields(24)
Absorption Damage Reduced by 3 Amulets(26), Circlets(26)(32), Body Armor(32), Shields(32)
Life Damage Reduced by 4-7 Amulets(35)[4], Circlets(35)[4](41)[4-7], Body Armor(41)[4-7], Shields(41)[4-7]
Life Everlasting Damage Reduced by 10-25 Amulet(45), Circlets(45)
Amicae Damage Reduced by 8-15 Body Armor(51), Circlets(51), Shields(51)
Magic Damage Reduction
  Available on
Warding Magic Damage Reduced by 1 Amulets(7), Body Armor(7), Circlets(7) Orbs(7), Rings(7), Shields(7),
Sentinel Magic Damage Reduced by 2 Amulets(18), Circlets(18)(24), Orbs(18), Rings(18), Body Armor(24), Shields(24)
Guarding Magic Damage Reduced by 3 Amulets(26), Circlets(26)(32), Orbs(26), Body Armor(32), Shields(32)
Negation Magic Damage Reduced by 4-6 Body Armor(41), Circlets(41)(42), Shields(41), Amulets(42), Orbs(42)
  Available on
Greed 25-40% Extra Gold From Monsters Amulets(1), Circlets(1), Rings(1)
Wealth 41-80% Extra Gold From Monsters Amulets(17), Belts(17), Boots(17), Circlets(17), Gloves(17)
Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
  Available on
Chance 5-15% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item Amulets(12), Boots(12), Circlets(12), Gloves(12), Rings(12)
Fortune 16-25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item Amulets(16), Boots(16), Circlets(16), Gloves(16), Rings(42)
Luck 26-35% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item Amulets(26), Boots(26), Circlets(26)
- Cast Time
  Available on
Apprentice 10% Faster Cast Rate Amulets(5), Circlets(5), Orbs(5), Rings(5), Rods(5)
Magus 20% Faster Cast Rate Circlets(29), Orbs(29), Rods(29)
Attacker Takes Damage
  Available on
Thorns Attacker Takes Damage of 1-3 Belts(1-13)[1](14)[1-3], Body Armor(1-13)[1](14)[1-3], Circlets(14)[1-3], Shields(1-13)[1](14)[1-3],
Spikes Attacker Takes Damage of 4-6 Belts(21), Body Armor(21), Circlets(21), Shields(21)
Razors Attacker Takes Damage of 7-9 Body Armor(34), Circlets(34), Shields(34)
Swords Attacker Takes Damage of 10-20 Body Armor(47), Circlets(47), Shields(47)
- %Item Requirements
  Available on
Ease Requirements -20% Body Armor(15), Shields(15), Weapons(15)
Simplicity Requirements -30% Body Armor(25), Shields(25), Weapons(25)
Faster Walking/Running Speed
  Available on
Pacing 10% Faster Run/Walk Boots(12), Circlets(12)
Haste 20% Faster Run/Walk Boots(22), Circlets(22)
Speed 30% Faster Run/Walk Boots(37), Circlets(37)
Transportation 30% Faster Run/Walk, 80-90% Slower Stamina Drain Boots(65)
Acceleration 40% Faster Run/Walk Boots(51)
Monster Knockback
  Available on
Bear Knockback Melee Weapons(8)
Attack Ignores Target's Defense
  Available on
Piercing Ignores Target's Defense Katars(25), Daggers(25), Rods(25)
Prevent Monster Healing
  Available on
Vileness Prevent Monster Heal Melee Weapons(9)
Freeze Length Reduction
  Available on
Thawing Half Freeze Duration Amulets(10), Boots(10), Circlets(10), Gloves(10), Orbs(10), Rings(10), Shields(10)
Repair Durability
  Available on
Self-Repair Repair Durability (3) Armor(3), Weapons(3)
Restoration Repair Durability (5) Armor(20), Weapons(20)
  Available on
Ages Indestructible Armor(50), Weapons(50)
Replenish Quantity
  Available on
Replenishing Replenish Quantity (5) Throwing Weapons(5)
Propogation Replenish Quantity (10) Throwing Weapons(24)
Life Per Level
  Available on
Centaur + (0.75 Per Character Level) 0.75-74.25 Life (Based On Character Level) Amulets(20), Barb Helms(20), Body Armor(20), Druid Pelts(20)
Mana Per Level
  Available on
Memory + (0.75 Per Character Level) 0.75-74.25 To Mana (Based On Character Level) Amulets(20), Circlets(20), Druid Pelts(20)
Life and Mana Per Level
  Available on
Elephant + (0.5 Per Character Level) 0.5-49.5 To Life / + (0.25 Per Character Level) 0.25-24.75 To Mana (Based On Character Level) Circlets(37), Druid Pelts(37)