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BADGER_H Vogue_______ BANN??

xanaxyy   28 апреля 2022 в 02:34

I want to report Badger_H and his other Vogue_______(account)
(This is possibly done with the help of other people and has access to more than two computers)

He is dedicated to playing in apso and using fake accounts to fit him into the opposing team and die as many times as possible to win.
Use the following fake accounts to feed off the opposing team
If you look at the first account in the link, all their games are dying against badger_h and vogue______
llllllIIllIIl :
(This account also has more than 20 matches dying in -ARSO vs badger_h o vogue______
Leon_K : )
[KsM]-[RaGeShOt :
PerikoPro :

I discovered this days ago, when every time I entered apso, the player (badger_H) or (vogue______)
I would always go to one of the fake accounts or another mentioned to die on my team, so also when we played together on the same team, one of the mentioned accounts would always show up on the other team to die.
This seemed strange to me, instead when he put the command (/ finger) all those accounts were from Venezuelans like him.
I hope that the administration will ban such accounts, I found this out recently. I guess I use a lot more accounts for cheating and this must take a long time, messing up games in -apso.
I told him that I would report him but he was hesitating since the administration is a bit absent but Iwilll leave this post here and leave it to his discretion.
Many players already knew about this topic it was a matter of time for the administrators to do something but nobody did anything.
if we want to improve this server we start with this type of players...
by : xanaxy
(special thanks to ksm]-[carlthepw for collaborating)

xanaxyy   28 апреля 2022 в 02:40

this happened in -apso -arso.

xanaxyy   28 апреля 2022 в 19:34

(badger_h, Vogue_______).
He saw the post now he tells me to delete the post or he is going to hack my account hahahaha, instead today I use one of his fake accounts so they die on his team and dont raise suspicions ahahah.

xanaxyy   5 мая 2022 в 04:52

new fake
I wrote /finger, from Venezuela zzzzz