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  • Стоимость: 2700
    Бонус: +15/21/24 Intelligence+6/10/14 StrengthDemonic Summoning (active)
    Место продажи: Arcane Sanctum
    Описание: Considered the holy grail of necromancy and demonology, a powerful malefic force is locked within its pages.Can be upgraded (3 levels)

    Buy recipe to upgrade (3 levels)


    Demonic Summoning
    Summons a Necronomicon Warrior and a Necronomicon Archer to fight for you, their strength and abilities are dependant on the Necronomicon's level
    Lasts 35 seconds, costs 50 mana, and has a 90 second cooldown
    Necronomicon Warrior has 25/50/75 mana Feedback, level 3 Necronomicon Warrior has a 1000 AoE True Sight
    Necronomicon Archer 125/175/225 mana Mana Burn, and a +3%/+6%/+9% movement and attack speed aura with 400 AoE
    Full stats of the Necronomicon Warrior and Necronomicon Archer can be found on the Unit Statistics page

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