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Shiva's Guard

  • Стоимость: 4700
    Бонус: +30 Intelligence+15 armorFreezing Aura (passive, enemies)Arctic Blast (active)
    Место продажи: Protectorate
    Описание: Said to have belonged to a goddess, this magical piece of armor was forged by divine wisps in the deeps of Winterspring and even today it retains much of its former power.

    Can be disassembled


    Freezing Aura
    -25 attack speed
    1000 AoE


    Arctic Blast
    Emits a freezing wave around the caster
    Enemies hit by the wave take 200 magic damage and have their movement speed slowed by 40% for 4 seconds
    The wave extends at a speed of 300 to a max size of 744
    Costs 100 mana and has a 30 second cooldown

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