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Urn of Shadows

  • Стоимость: 875
    Бонус: +50% mana regeneration+6 StrengthSoul Release (active)
    Место продажи: Supportive Vestments
    Описание: none

    Whenever an enemy hero dies within 1425 AoE, gains 2 charges if it has 0 charges, else gains 1 charge (each death can only charge one of these items, if two or more heroes in the AoE have this item, only one will be charged)


    Soul Release
    Can expend one charge to target an allied or enemy hero
    If an ally is targeted, it is healed for 400 HP over 8 seconds (this effect ends if the hero takes damage from a source other than Sentinel or Scourge creeps)
    If an enemy is targeted, it takes 200 magic damage over 8 seconds
    Has a 10 second cooldown, and 950 cast range

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