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brad17 mod abusing channel ESP

-Madness-   11 февраля в 18:33

I dont know if the true brad17 gift his acc to another player, but he is banning players with no reason, also is using multi acc (el-intelectual) to do team kill and ruining the game experience for others players. pls check on him.

nymphxd   12 февраля в 20:34

Please can any admin do something about this, he's banning everyone in ESP Channel without reason, brad gives his account to a child,

By the way: Brad is CUCHI-CUCHI and he's suppose to be banned in

fernando FTW   13 февраля в 04:01

madnes if you were not hipocrita you say you disbanded to daken and when brad banea pq is tk you defend and raise your ego nymph for active but when you see tk does not do anything the same with the kiters and do not ahce anything and says the server is dead Of course madnes will not say that he has smurf with the q he does tk as baned of course that will not tell

K0RNY   25 марта в 00:27

Brad17 is no longer a moderator. Sleep calmly.

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