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Bane Meepo

Egreys   19 июля в 14:50

Hi to you all! Without hate and toxic.I have idea how can help to server.
If administration will delete meepo (or nerf him) from map Dota1, server will be better.

I dont wait nothing, but i think about better.

Carlthepower   6 августа в 17:58

The administration has already helped with the implementation of the new map to prevent cheaters like you and your friend Kraiuch from doing their thing

Carlthepower   6 августа в 17:59

meepo is not invincible, only because it is not well configured it is unbalanced like spirit breaker

Carlthepower   6 августа в 18:02

he is an unbalanced hero, just removing the reduction in the resurrection time that this hero has will be enough,like reducing the greater bash of spirit breaker to at least 12% since I myself have noticed that 17% seems too much still, since it does not seem normal to me 3 greather bash in a row